For the ‘Kiss Room’, Mathias offers the experience of one night spent immersed in a 10m2 room made entirely from mirror covering both the walls and the ceiling, only broken up by primary colours, which enables perspectives to materialise.

As Mathias’s mirror is put in opposition to its original function, the space also has to be rethought. Normally, a room offers a limited and enclosed space, but here, with multiple reflections, like a pixelated wall, the room extends infinitely. A room is also by definition reassuring and can given the impression of a cocoon, or a hot bath; this however, will be another thing entirely. Experienced alone or accompanied, the Kiss Room confronts you with your image reflected hundreds of times in the mirrors. This abundance brings out the narcissistic quality of the object plunging it into the abyss of truth. Furthermore, as the bedroom is completely isolated from any exterior noise, it leaves you to listen to your own breathing, even though Nicholas Godin (from the French band Air) has created a constantly evolving song to be played in the room.

An abstract painting made from angles and primary colours materialises in a sort of living hyperrealism upon entering the room; a clinical and colourful painting in the style of Jeff Wall, but in a space that the protagonist inhabits for one night.

The interior designer Mathias Kiss created the room as a monastic and reflective space. “It’s a circle of life, an indefinite image that can evoke the cycle from birth to death; which is also faced with its history and life experience.” Often these immersion spheres, like those by James Turrell, envelope the spectator gently whilst disturbing their perception. The difficulty here is to transform the art’s spectator into an actor and a voyeur of his own night...

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Design/Development: Anne Wehr & Creative Area - Photo: David Zagdoun

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